DIY Divorce Questions and Answers

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Eligibility Questions
Procedure Questions
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General Questions

QHow long does it take to get a DIY divorce?

QAre foreign divorces recognised in Ireland?

QHow long does it take to finalise a divorce in Dublin?

QIs my son a dependent child if he is 21 years old and in part-time education?

QHow do I post a review?

QDo I have to travel to Dublin for a divorce, if I have in Westmeath?

QHow do have have to be separated from a non national before I can divorce?

QWhat does a DIY divorce with a pension adjustment order cost?

Eligibility Questions

QDo I need a separation agreement before applying for a DIY divorce?

QDo I need proof that I have been separated for four years?

QCan I apply for a divorce if my spouse lives abroad?

QCan I apply for a Divorce if I don't know my spouse's address?

QCan I apply for a divorce if I was married abroad?

QWho can apply for a DIY divorce?

QCan I apply for a divorce if I am not resident in Ireland?

QDo I need to wait four years before applying, even if my spouse was unfaithful?

QDo separate bedrooms constitute living apart?

QCan I apply for a divorce if my spouse is in jail?

QCan I apply for a divorce if neither party lives in Ireland?

QDo I have to be separated for four years before applying for a divorce, if I was not married in Ireland?

QDoes a mortgage have to be settled before applying for a divorce?

QIf I do not have an original marriage certificate, can I apply for a divorce?

Procedure Questions

QWhat does my spouse have to do?

QWhat financial details must I supply on my divorce papers?

QDo I have to disclose my financial information

QDo I need to attend court for a divorce?

QHow do I prove that I have been separated for four years?

QCan I be forced to pay maintenance even if my spouse does not want it?

QHow do I start divorce proceedings?

QDoes either party need to have a solicitor present on the day of the Divorce Hearing?

Online Application Questions

QWhat should I do if I have lost my sign in details?

QHow do I apply for a divorce if I do not have a computer?

QHow do I continue with the application I started a while back?

QI started an application a long time ago. Can I still access my information?

Cost and Fees Questions

QHow much does it cost to get a divorce if there are no unresolved issues between the parties?

QAre there court costs involved in a divorce?

QAre there any other charges, besides the €499.95 fee?

QIs the required €499.95 fee to be paid upfront?

QHow can I pay for your service if I live in another country?

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