Cost of DIY Divorce

With high street solicitors charging €1 000s for a divorce and some family law solicitors charging €10 000s - choosing Irish Divorce Services for your DIY Divorce represents a massive saving. And unlike most solicitors, our fee is fixed, so you know the costs before you even start. Try obtaining a fixed price from a solicitor!

The cost breakdown is the simplest you'll find and we guarantee that you will never see charges for postage, phone calls, photocopying, faxes, sundries or incidental items.

Standard Payment Schedule

€449.95 payable on completion of the online application

Premier Payment Schedule

€400.00 payable upon signing of initial documents

€249.95 payable before applying for the final court date

Cost Breakdown

For all customers:
 Standard Irish Divorce Services Fee€ 449.95
 Managed Irish Divorce Services Fee€ 649.95
  Commissioner for Oaths per visit (min 2 visits)€ 10.00
If applicable:
 Pension Adjustment Order€150.00